About Nature’s Flooring Group LLC

Nature’s Flooring Group is a family owned and operated flooring installation and refinishing company in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to offer top notch work at competitive prices and with excellent customer service.

Jason and Gina Bennett are proud owners of Nature’s Flooring Group and ready to help you with all of your flooring needs! As native “Charlotteans,” it is critical that we bring top service to families in our community.

Here at Nature’s Flooring Group, we are on a mission to help you find the floor of your dreams.  We will walk you through the process of selecting the floor you want from start to finish, getting the financing you need, and installing the floor in your home. Our flooring installation and refinishing experts are the best in the local area and beyond, and we are committed to take your floor to the next level, regardless of your unique taste, preferences, style and circumstances. We have the highest quality standards, and an unmatched attention you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to flooring installation and refinishing in the Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.

If your floors need a little love and you don’t know who to turn to, Nature’s Flooring Group is here to help! As a family run business, we know just how important it is to you to make the right choice. And we believe we have all the qualifications and skills to provide you will all your flooring needs. Our motto is “Good Old Fashioned Customer Service” and we bring it with a smile.

We take pride in being the best in the business and would love to help you create a great new look for your home. Give us a call today at (704) 712-6213 to schedule an in-home appointment. You can also follow us on Facebook by clicking this link.